A glossy A6 print of the Samus (Metroid Dread) design (2021). The perfect gift for your friend/family member who loves Metroid art (or just wants some Samus art in their life).


I made this Samus drawing in anticipation of the Metroid Dread release, back in October 2021! I was really hyped for it, so I drew some Samus Aran fanart, which is quite rare as I don't usually do fanart.

This was around the time I was playing am2r, an emulated version of Metroid 2, as it's not available for me to buy anywhere. I got distracted trying to do a specific shine spark move repeatedly and I got quite close, but then Metroid Dread came out and I forgot all about it until writing this note. If you've played Metroid 2 then maybe you know which section I'm talking about!


The first image is the most colour accurate compared to the real product. The back of the postcard is blank.

Samus (Metroid Dread) Postcard A6 Print