Hello! I'm Tamora, a freelance illustrator from South-East England. I've been drawing my whole life, but only started digital art when I was around 14. I got a drawing tablet for Christmas that year, and I started practicing digital art, using a free drawing program on my laptop that my friend suggested to me.

lots of stickers edited.png


My aim with art is to create cool characters and places! I just love to draw and my favourite thing is creating expressive faces and poses for my characters. I love to tell a story with an image and I particularly like trying to capture a moment in my drawings, with movement and emotion. All in all, my goal with art is to have fun and create moments in time that resonate with people.



11 years old

This is probably the first and only time I dipped my toe into the abstract art world. I made this for an art competition at school in year 5. I won a set of watercolours and a sketchpad, and I felt pretty proud about the whole thing. I probably still haven't used the watercolours, but I fill every notebook I see with doodles so that sketchbook is probably full of drawings from my year 5 self. Pictured are me and my twin sister as a Picasso painting, I can't seem to find the original anywhere but it's on the internet somewhere for sure.

redhead under a tree 6yo_edited.jpg

6 years old

Yes, it's hard to believe I was just 6 years old when I created this piece... I was a prodigy at such a young age. The girl pictured is of course me. I remember painting the left part of the sky, I ran out of blue paint so I tried mixing some greys and greens to get a similar colour. I was pretty confident it had worked well, too.

8 years old


This is one of the few well-preserved drawings from my childhood! It's still framed and propped up on my bookshelf. The little redhead is me, and the boy in the picture was my best friend at the time. I had a bit of a crush on him as you can probably tell from the glittery foam love-hearts. I was very proud of this drawing at the time and I even coloured the whole A4 page in, which I definitely don't have the patience to do now.